Black Bat

scruffy OOTD

4 Dec 2016

ooo look at me with a outfit post which I haven’t done one since September (boi), okay okay okay. 

Basically the glasses fool you, ngl I actually went Specsavers and begged asked for glasses. so. I. can. look. smart. And well even though they are practically clear and have the smallest prescription, they hurt so I tend not to wear them. In my defence, I did kinda need them because I get soo many headaches and I thought that getting glasses would help. They didn’t (faillllll). Anyway I basically wear this type of outfit everyday and just alternate between shoes (well I only have like 3 pair sooo) I either wear my New Balances, Nike Air Forces or my Vans old skool but my mum washed the laces for them and I cba to put the laces back in :)))))) This is actually Dalal's dads jacket #EXPOSED but I just wore it for the pictures...

Jacket \ Dalal's dad :)
Top \ Uniqlo
Jeans \ Zara (obvs)
Trainers \ initial trainers not in picture Nike Air Force 1’s | In the picture Vans Old Skool


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