Black Bat


19 Dec 2016

My sister and I went to Rome for a weekend away seeing as 
1) It’s in Europe  
2) Christmas treat 
3) and because why not?

After landing at Fiumicino airport safely, we took the Leonardo express train to the city centre (fast + reliable service + cheap). We checked into our hotel and finally ventured out to see what this city  had to offer! (cringe)

Day 1, we firstly visited the Colosseum, as it was the closest landmark to our hotel. We visited during off peak times, so therefore was surprised to see the short queue, despite the many blogs I had read before claiming the queues are really long. My tip for saving money would be to just wait it out as the queues really aren’t that bad + you save so much money with student cards when you pay at the desk! We spent a lot of time walking around, and finding beautiful streets and little shops. Beware, traders on the street will ambush you trying to sell you selfie sticks and kids toys (not fun and definitely annoying af!). 

Day 2, was dedicated to the Vatican City. We were SO excited about coming here as it was both on our bucket lists for over a year. We took the metro (which was covered in graffiti. graffiti = cool) and was easy to navigate and took about 25 mins. We were again ambushed by multiple tour guides about certain packages and deals they had. As we don’t like tour guides and prefer to do our own thing at our own pace we literally waiting around 30 mins in the queue. The scenery inside was incredible and words simply couldn’t describe how beautiful the paintings were displayed. 

A place I do strongly recommend: Giolotti aka THE best ice cream shop in Rome. €3 for 3 scoops, ice cream was FRESHHHHH it glided off the spatula so easily and you had a choice of cream on top! uh it was amazing 
okay now for the pictures :))))



  1. I AM SO JEALOUS!!! This looks like so much fun!

  2. I've said this before but oo big man like ambz in rome oo look at me- the photos are so good and well taken, Rome looks amazing

    1. FANKS b, I don’t actually like the pictures much but hey :)))


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