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16 Dec 2016

Super old post when my hair was longish, but I never posted it because I really don’t like the pictures (but you can blame Dalal for that) . But blogmas is starting to get hard and I have zero scheduled posts + school and well I have no social life to start of with so yay 

This sweater has saved me so many times in the morning when I have no time to pick out an outfit, it is super cozy and cute and oversized (kind of), the jeans are a bit meh. I have a love/hate relationship with them, sometimes I like the fit, other times...

Sweater | Zara
Jeans | Zara
Shoes | Adidas
wow my outfits are so so so unique (sorry my outfits are getting boring because everything is from Zara teehee)


  1. This used to be your go to outfit, love the sweater!

    1. this sweater is still my go to outfit mate

  2. you're so damn cool, and i need that jumperrrr

    edie x


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