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Music favourites

14 Dec 2016

I have come to the realisation that no one seems to like music favourites but I really like them  so really just read another blog post about a lush haul or overly fake routine where people claim they drink hot chocolate by the fire place, light candles and go for a jog if ya don’t like this :) no indirects ;)  

Now during December I haven’t really had a phone (broke my phone, had a replacement phone and lost it :))))))))))) so I can’t listen to music so this post is a bit limited. 
ya thought wrong 
I still have my laptop so that clearly didn't stop me 

if you have been following my blog for some time you will know that I l o v e The Weeknd honestly I’ve been a fan foreverrrrr so obviously I love his album (but but but his earlier albums are the 💣)
hmmm favourite songs have got to be ‘star girl interlude, true colours and attention’ 

Next is ‘sexual’ by neiked, never heard of him/she/them but hey this song is gr8888888 

do u recommend any songs/albums?


  1. I think you should look up NIYKEE HEATON! She has some really good songs that are like the weekend and the one song you have. I have hope that you'll love her.

    1. I’m going to look her up!!!! tyyy

  2. idk why you're indirecting, ur so salty. not a fan of the weeknds new album, all the songs sound the same to me :)))) also, haram to the second song


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