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Gift guide

12 Dec 2016

I’m really bad at presents so you should actually thank me for coming up with these, I might have to start taking my own advice ;) I just realised this gift guide post seems more directed towards females however you can always customise it. And it isn’t like this is the only blog post on gift guides (seems like it is on every bloggers post for blogmas ;))

Hella broke < £10 
Candles (so basic but you got to do what you have to do)
- Polaroid film (obviously if this one person has a polaroid otherwise that would be a bit weird to get them film without an actual polaroid )
- Collection of Carmex (if anyone got me this I would die!)
- Set of Earrings (Claire’s do sterling silver earrings for under £10)
- Piercing (with the permission of their parents, you can book for them to get a piercing like double lobe for under £10!)
- Bath bombs (you can’t go wrong with bath bombs, you get get around 2 from Lush for under £10)
- Collection of Cholcates (I mean I wouldn't mind having 10 bars of chocolate ;))
- Album (apparently you can gift albums on iTunes so 🤑🤑)
- Pay for their Netflix/what they watch movies on 
- Phone Case 

Oo look at me I’m rich < £30
- Gift card! ! ! 🤑
- Fairy Lights <3 <3 
- Polaroid (if you dig hard enough on Amazon I’m sure you’ll find a polaroid for £30 or a bit more)
- Calvin Klein bra/boxer (or the set if you’re feeling fancayyy)
- Dinner date (The Diner!!!) 
- Ice Skating (come on who doesn't love falling on their head 20 times?)
- 3 books for £30 

No Limit 
- Facial (I would actually dieeeeeeee if someone booked a facial for me ;) hint hint anyone?)
- A trip somewhere 
- Trainers (or any item that they really want)
- A Kindle! 

Hope ya enjoy have a great and safe Christmas or day in general 


  1. This is such a good gift guide!! That body shop candle actually looks so nice

    Edie x

  2. Some of these gift ideas are so unique like the paying for their netflix membership- and that body shop candle looks so much more expensive than it is!


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