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December Books

20 Dec 2016

please ignore the plastic ugly covers :) 

To know my progress with books, I try to update what page number I am on  or what I am currently reading on ‘Goodreads’. My Goodreads account is here :)

Seed | 
This book is about a life lived in a cult, a girl named Pearl has lived her whole life at Seed, they worship nature and idolise their leader, Papa S. This book is quite disturbing (I don't know how to phrase anything without spoiling it ahhhh) A boy from the outside arrives and Pearl beings to experience feelings, but Pearl was ‘brainwashed’ by Seed to believe the outside world is literally poison. [OkAY just look up someones review :)] And Pearl begins to realise that Seed isn’t ‘good’

Unwind | 
So this book is essentially where unwanted teenagers are salvaged for their body parts (morbid much?) So far (I’m on page 100), it seems like every chapter starts with a different point of view however they all link. There are 3 main characters so far, Connor, Risa and Lev who are all on their way to ‘Harvest camp’ to be unwinded, and somehow escape and are trying to fight the system. 
Current opinions
- I don't tend to like books that change perspective every chapter 
- I’m going to carry on reading and try finish the book
- If I like it then I’ll finish the trilogy but :)))) 

Never Let Me Go | 
The reason why I left this book last is because I’m going in order from ‘not challenging to quite challenging’ So Seed was easy to read and Never Let Me Go is apparently challenging (well for me anyways). I really wanted to get this post up and obviously I haven’t read this book yet. But my school librarian did recommend it, oh and it is also a movie so :)

If you didn't notice the trend of book genres, (Dystopian-Romance) do you recommend any books that will challenge me?


  1. THIS IS SO WEIRD WHAT THE HELL, I literally have a post scheduled today of my favourite books of 2016

    Edie x

    1. omfffg and when I skipped blogmas U DID AS WELL!! FFUCCKCKKKK

  2. SEED sounds so much up my street, added this to my Amazon wishlist straight away! x

  3. I started reading Seed briefly when u came over and the beginning was pretty light hearted and cute ah. You should try reading a room with a view it's such a nice romance book


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