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7 Dec 2016

coconut oil + hot cloth 
this combination will save ur life (not literally)

If you don’t already know,  I hate makeup wipes. with a passion. The price is a shambles and they are too rough on my skin. 
For 2 months or so I have been removing my makeup with coconut oil + a hot cloth. So once you melt the coconut oil with the heat from your fingers and start to massage it into your skin, it will essentially cause your makeup to dissolve and voila remove your makeup. I mean it also apparently opens your pores and stuff but honestly I don't know what that actually means but I heard it’s a good thing so coooool  ;)
                     And it leaves your skin super moisturised
                     dry skin + coconut oil + hot cloth = life 

coconut oil + dry anything (lips, body)
self explanatory  

Alright weird one but instead of highlighter, you can actually use like the tiniesttttttttt bit of coconut oil on your cheekbones. idk it seems to have worked for me  

 just go buy coconut oil pls I can’t rave about it more 


  1. Coconut oil is the best thing to happen to me especially having dry skin, hair and lips (cri) and it's quite cheap too
    Dalalalalalal all

    1. Ikr! They are pretty cheap which is a major plus

  2. i love coconut oil ! so effective for so many things !


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