Black Bat

imma blind u with dis highlighter

4 Nov 2016

^ jk I aint that rude I promise 

on to da makeup, first tho please appreciate I actually have pictures that show I have makeup on (vvvvv rareee). 
Lets skip all the base shit, concealer shit and the borin stuff and SKIP to the best bits. 

well it’s winter (kinda sortaaaaa. well from September to May I consider it winter) meaning my tan has faded away (lol it faded like within a week who am I kidding) meaning I’m palleeeeeeeee boiii so I use bronzer. I probably look orange as hell but tbh I fink I look alright with it on, I use the Bobbi Brown thingy bronzer (Bobbi Brown Bronzing powder 2 b exact) and the Bobbi Brown Sheer Cheek Tint (I can’t find it on their website but heres anotha link, my shade is Sheer Lilac) 

Then 4 my fav part 
I first use the Benefit Watts up highlighter first. PRO tip, blend cream highlighter with a flat foundation brush (Foundation Brush - Body Shop) and boi do I feel like a glow ball (in a good way I think) To set the highlighter I use my Mac Mineralise Skin finish Highlighter in Lightscapade  which is da b0mb especially when ur pale and the most popular shade ‘soft and gentle’ is just not for u. I loveee to put highlighter on my cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, inner eye thingy and on my eyelids <3   den I put on vaseline (my life, my saviour n my love) then the Dandelion lipgloss by Benefit just for da shine n colour. 

when ur the most indecisive shit ever and can't decide on which colour to choose so u insert 4 of the same pictures with 4 different colours. ppl on the same level as me will know that there is 2 pics with different shades of grey ;))) (saucay) 
sweat or highlighter? u may never know ;)



  1. I literally love this and I feel your struggle in my soul

  2. It's all a bit mad that you go through all of this only for your highlight to never be noticed lool- you should try Mary Lou Manizer or the Seventeen Skin Wow because they legit make your skin POP

    1. that’s the thing, I like it to be only noticeable for me?!! or just subtle enough. idkkkkk The mary lou one is way to pigmented


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