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classic w h i t e trainers

11 Nov 2016

[nIKE aIR fOrce 1] 
torn, wrecked but still buff

worst pictures ever taken but it is just so hard to take pictures of trainers and boi I tried. the struggle of trying to make tracksuits not ride up to ur knee m8 

I have actually worn these trainers almost every single day since I bought them less than a year ago and they are and will remain my favourite for a while now (I hope) 

1) they make u look taller = always a plus when ur like 5ft (jk like 5ft6)
2) dey cute 
3) price is reasonable 
okay short story I got the size 5 trainers for £50 bc I didn't wanna pay extra £20. petty I know even tho I’m like a 51/2  / 6
4) goes wiv every outfit - even especially a dress
5) + a million other reasons that I just can’t seem put into words

summary buy them :)
thanks nike for sponsoring me
discount code is blah blah blah. (BANTAAAA)
[soz shit joke ;)]


  1. You and your air forces is like me with my new balances, they're literally all we wear lool. I want to buy the black version of the air forces but I don't want to look like a roadman....the struggle is real

    1. nah if you style them properly.



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