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makeup trends

15 Jul 2016

beware this post is very unorganised.

all gold everythang 
  • no heavy makeup 
  • fresh dewy makeup
  • embracement of natural hair 
  • korean 'sweet girl' look 
  • lighter highlighted natural hair
  • sun kissed look
  • all black outfits are dying down (but idc)
  • blue and white is becoming more prominent in outfits 
  • faux freckles 
  • thick, brushed out/up eyebrows 
  • velvet chokers 
  • plump, wet look lip gloss 
sum products I love

Watts up highlighter, Benefit, 
This highlight is mmmmm, so natural, so stunning. What more can you ask for? It’s really creamy so it’s so easy to blend I prefer this on the tip of my nose (that’s where I mainly put my highlight) and in the sun the highlight looks so natural and not like a glow ball. 

 Diorskin bronzer, Dior,
So expensive yet so worth it (I didn't buy it mate my sister did lololol) it’s every thing you could ask for in a bronzer. I’ve heard that the Sleek contour kit is a great dupe for any expensive bronzer, but most drugstore bronzers leave my skin looking cakey and orange since I’m really pale #paleprobs. 

Baked-to-last blush, Body shop, 
My mum and I are obsessed with this blush, it’s the right pigmentation for pale people as it doesn’t make you look like a clown #goals. So voila it’s perfecto. I love to swipe this in the apples of my cheek and slightly on my eyes to make it seem like I have eyeshadow on (easy 2  in 1)

Marie antoinette (cream eyeshadow), Charlotte tilbury, 
If you have blue eyes like me, gold and bronze eyeshadows will be your best friend. This cream eyeshadow glides on your eyes like *insert some good simile about how smooth it is idk*. No words can express how beautiful the shade is. I don’t particularly wear this on my lids but I use a smudge brush and smudge it onto my waterline and <333

Lightscapade, Mac 
The worst thing is, is having a highlight that is just totally wrong (have to add this reference of Ed millband vine) for pale skin. This highlight is perfect for pale skin since you can build up the intensity without looking like a glow ball or having a strong line of highlight. I love love love wearing on the tip of my nose, it’s so subtle and natural looking. But the packaging tho *sad face* the magnet is so hard to open #firstworldproblems



  1. I love the faux freckles and fresh makeup look, it's so much better than the heavy and cakey makeup trend that we previously had.

  2. Velvet chokers are having a serious moment right now and so is what some people describe as French girl beauty. That no makeup makeup look, great post! I love Benefit Watt's Up too xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  3. Nice Inspirations

    FOLLOW my Blog!!! Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  4. Great post :) x I feel like sun kissed look is so popular now


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