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How to: Wash Makeup Brushes

13 Mar 2015

Now I have a huge tendancy of not washing my brushes for many many months and I decided since I have finished all my mocks * whoopieeee *, I would clean/refresh my room, which would include cleaning some my makeup brushes. I would of taken some process pictures of literally the 'makeup' coming out of the brushes, however it would have been disgusting because there was a LOT of foundation liquid, power 'liquid' and that was not a pretty site. Sooo I thought I would tell you guys 2 way that I use to remove makeup from makeup brushes. 

1. I first use the Johnsons baby shampoo and apply about 5 pea sized drops on to my clean hands ( Palm out) then I swipe the makeup brush back and fourth on the shampoo, occasionly swirling it around. You will soon see a WHOLE lot of makeup coming out, when you reach a point when makeup is still coming out. Place you makeup brush ( downwards, so the brissels are faced down) and run the brush under luke warm water. Always making sure no water goes into the metal casing of the brush, because that will loosen the glue connected the brissels together and break the whole brush. Finally repeat this step with shampoo and then luke warm water untill there is no more makeup coming out the brush. 

2. The second method involves olive oil and washing up liquid. I first place olive oil on a plate, and then put the washing up liquid on 'top' of the oil. I basically then repeat the steps like I did with the baby shampoo but instead of using my hand, I use the plate. So swirl the brush back and fourth through the mixture and then wash under luke warm water. Then I also repeat the steps a couple of times to ensure there is no more dirt or makeup on the brushes. As I mentioned before NEVER EVER get water in the metal casing because that will loosen the brissels and they will fall. 

After I have finshed with the washing of the brushes, I get some clothes pecks and use my curtain * How classy* and clip my makeup brushes faced down onto the curtain to let them dry overnight. By placing them upside down, it ensures that all of the excess water can drip off than to go up to the metal casing and break the brissels. 

What are your favourite brushes to use?
Ambra xx 


  1. This should be a helpful post for when I get my real techniques brushes! It's so weird seeing all the makeup that you've collected on that brush for months coming off haha :) xxx Dalal,

    1. Hahah it is weird especially watching all the makeup you've used come of one brush. And the real techniques brushes are amazingg!! Even when you wash them, the bristles don't fall off!!
      Ambra xx


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