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7 Mar 2015

What to wear to the gym 

To those gym fanatics or just girls who go to the gym once a month * I have no shame * I have thought about some outfits that go from cute to the ' I can't actually be bothered to workout, I'm only here for the free wifi' * Once again no shame * So the numerous of outfits show some joggers and a plain tee-shirt/ hoodie, so pretty much a causal gym look. However the second 'main' outfits involve sports bras and 'tight' shorts, which is not really my kind of outfits however if you like that then girl work it.  Also I would defiantly x1000 bring deodorant * I mean really who wants to smell gross ? *, a 'refresh makeup bag', which would involve waterproof mascara ect( if you were to wear makeup to the gym), headphones and perfume just so you smell human at the end of gym 'session' * more like wifi session * but enough typing lalala here  are the outfits. 

Lazy outfit

Cooler outfit

Do you go to the gym?
Ambra x 

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