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19 Mar 2015

I finally went out, this month has been a hectic month with exams and revision. Nevertheless me and my sister decided to make a quick journey * Which turned out 2 hours* to Covent Garden. Soo I decided I might as well post some of the pictures before my camera died. If anyone goes to Convent Garden I am telling you go to The Diner or Shake Shack, they are the BEST food places EVER! My outfit consists of Zara black jeans, my dark grey flannel from Zara, and my black top from Zara * How ironic* Then I wore my Fred Perry oversized and way overworn jacket in navy blue since it was very very cold. My shoes are from Nike and I wore cute little pink ankle socks which totally didn't go with my outfit. But who cares lol. 
There was a very veryy cute st and I defo had to take a picture of it 
BEST burger place every: Shake Shack 

 Please do excuse the second day straighten hair, I'm getting my hair trimmed and I might do a 'blog/vlog' of it like this post. But yeah, if you do have the time and see your self in London, I would defiantly advice you to visit Covent Garden its the equivalent to Oxford st but less busier and more cuter. 

Whats your favourite place to take pictures? 
Ambra xx 


  1. Ooh you took such pretty pictures, I love that floral/plant place on the way to Covent garden but I haven't taken any pictures of it...yet! That diner looks so delicious too, exactly what you need when you're so close the weekend huh!
    Dalal xo,

  2. Awhh thankyou. Everytime I would go Covent Garden and pass that street I would always tell my self, one day I will take a photo of it and ta da I did. And The Diner the amazingggg you should defoo go
    Ambra xx

  3. Great post
    Would you like to follow each other ? I'll follow back after it

    1. Sure! x Do you have blogloving by any chance? Follow me via there xx

      Ambra xx

  4. I love covent garden so much (and your blog!) x


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