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Every Day Morning Routine 2015

24 Feb 2015

Every Day / School  Makeup Routine

Recently I * Well my sister * have been trying to purchase high end makeup products however that doesn't work out since I can not save money for my life. So I stick to my drug store makeup whiles my sister has high end makeup * Cries every time I see them * But yup this is a 'Every Day' makeup routine however bear in mind if I'm ill or like going no where special* School is totally not special but I do wear this makeup to school * I do not wear any makeup. Soo without further a do here it is. 
Mac studio Cream moisturiser
 I pretty much use any moisturiser I can find, this is from Mac and it is a travel sized creamy moisturiser. This is very creamy and moisturising which helps keeps my under eyes and face hydrated through out the day. 

Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara 
For mascara I use the Ester Lauder bold volume lifting Mascara, I absolutely love this because it gives me full looking defined lashes with no clumps. I only use one coat since it can create clumps are like 3 - 2 coats. 

Maybelline Cover stick shade 02 * Vanilla *

I then use my Revlon photo ready concealer which has a slight salmon coloured undertone which helps with some redness under the eyes. I am very pale, all my makeup is mainly the lightest or second lightest shades * #vampire *

Mac Moisture Cover Concealer * Shade NC15 * 

 And finally I finish off with my Mac concealer to conceal my under eye circles. Since I don't wear any foundation I focus on my eye area however I don't put any eyeshadow ect since I'm too lazy for that * Oh well * 

My Mini Makeup Bag from Mango

I don't put any other type of makeup like foundation, browner, power, eyeshadow ect since 1: I am extremely lazy and waking up at 7:30am and wasting 40 minutes to do makeup is a no no. And 2 : my school is strict with no makeup so I try to make it seem as if I am not wearing any makeup and wearing a caked face with makeup is not very clever in a strict school. 

         Whats your everyday makeup routine? 
Ambra xx 

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